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theDoyen.net | First Release


I’m happy to publish this Website,explicitly dedicated to Computing .In my past 6 years of computing experience,I have been stumbling,like a normal tech-guy and have met others practicing the same.Taking all that into account,I have landed here with a broader prospect,to make it a Computing Portal. Initially, I’ll try to review and update the information and features constantly to...



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Welcome to the New Wave … 
Experience the Ultimate in Multimedia Support … 
For the Agile Business …
and Gaming …

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My custom Aurora OS


    Aurora sports a visual design that combines a sleek look,clean lines and appealing colors and a task oriented design and exceptionally streamlined navigation.Build on the Gold Edition of Windows XP SP3,provides an Identical look of Vista on XP Platform,thus acts as a bridge between the two.A lot of brain storming and diligence have gone to design and develop this product,an effort...


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